Jamor for All

The  European Charter for Sport states that sport "means all forms of physical activity which, through organized participation or not, are aimed at the expression or improvement of physical and mental condition, the development of social relations or the achievement of results in competition at all levels."

Sports and physical activity are now recognized as having a strong positive impact in areas such as health, education, economy, quality of life, tourism, etc.

In this perspective and with the objective of systematically giving the possibility of the users of the Centro Desportivo Nacional do Jamor (CDNJ) to have access to a wide range of activities with adequate technical environment and to spaces and equipment of quality and attractive, and taking in consideration the commemorations of the 75th Anniversary of the Nacional Stadium, we launched a project "Jamor para Todos / Jamor for All ", based on four main vectors, three of them being addressed directly to users:

1. The spaces and equipment of free use:

 2. The technically framed activities open to all users:

 In the scope of ​​Sport for All, in the CDNJ you can find, in particular, the following activities:

• Swimming School

• Jamor Tennis School

• Jamor March and Race Center

• Adventure Park

• TriJamor 

. Gabinete Beactive Jamor

 You can check in the map below the schedules available for the different activities:


3. The events open to all participants, and a project to open the CDNJ to the surrounding community, addressed to the collective entities:

4. The PAALCO Jamor - Project to Support Local Associations of the Municipality of Oeiras, which aims to provide space and support for activities and events predominantly in the open air, developed by associations, clubs and local communities, in the CDNJ area that promote several actions to raise awareness and information on the activities that these entities develop among the population of all age groups, especially in a context of healthy habits and lifestyles.

You can find all the information on the PAALCO Jamor here.