CAR-Jamor, a High Performance Center based at the Centro Desportivo Nacional do Jamor (CDNJ) (National Sports Center of Jamor), is a structure of excellence, designed to meet the needs of preparing high-performance athletes, national teams and young people in a development process.

The CAR-Jamor has a set of services oriented to improving sports performance, which include: accommodation, nutrition, training evaluation and control, clinical monitoring and also an altitude program.

For this purpose, it counts on qualified professionals, and has the best and most modern technical means.

CAR-Jamor works in partnership with several Universities and Research Centers with internationally recognized prestige and competence. This allows a permanent update in support of the different training needs of the athletes.


The CAR-Jamor has a technologically advanced laboratory that allows the development and application of batteries of evaluation of the different physical qualities and indicators of the sports performance, for the control and advice of the training process.

It also has a training room, a privileged space for the development of the various biomotor skills of athletes, which works with a specialized technical framework in connection with the training evaluation and the control laboratory, supporting athletes and technical teams in the prescription and counseling of the training process.

In CAR-Jamor there is also an altitude room, a space that simulates the natural altitude, in rest situation, and/or overnight stay and/or training.

CAR-Jamor also provides services in the field of Sports Medicine, ensuring a health care service specialized in the medical accompaniment of athletes (medical clinic, sports traumatology) in connection with the medical departments of the different sports federations.

Sports Physiotherapy is also available, a care service with a view to functional recovery and sports optimization, evaluation and prevention of sports injury and sports massage.

At the Nutrition level, CAR-Jamor provides a service of support, advice and dietary prescription adapted to the athletes. At the Centro de Estágio da Cruz Quebrada (CECQ), CAR-Jamor ensures proper preparation of the menus and the control of food hygiene and safety.


The CAR-Jamor residence provides accommodation for those who have sporting conditions to join this high performance center.


Also integrated in CAR-Jamor, the Centro de Estágio da Cruz Quebrada (CECQ) offers accomodation for atletes and teams and also catering service for residents. It consists of 24 triple rooms and 1 single room, with capacity for 73 people, feminine and masculine bathrooms, meeting room, living rooms, terrace and 2 multi-sports.


CAR-Jamor ensures and promotes the functioning of the training centers of the different sports existing in the Centro Desportivo Nacional do Jamor (CDNJ), aiming at the optimization of the services and valences integrated in it.