Outdoor Fitness Parks


For those who like informal sports, at the Centro Desportivo Nacional do Jamor (CDNJ) you can find two Outdoor Fitness Parks, which will allow you to stay in shape while enjoying Nature at the same time.

The available routes are located in two spaces with identical stations, but with different physical characteristics, one of which is installed in a forest area (the western wooded area - next to the National Stadium), allowing users to enjoy a very wooded area and greater contact with nature and the other in the area of ​​Parque Urbano do Jamor, more accessible and flat and with greater visibility over the entire length of the circuit.

The routes respect the European standards of construction and safety in force with regard to the materials used in the different stations that compose them, coming from forests of sustainable growth, as well as with regard to ease of use.

The two routes consist of 23 stations, 12 stations in the Mata Poente (National Stadium) route and 11 in the urban park route, and are perfectly integrated into the surrounding space, as they were specifically developed to be placed in this fantastic green space.

Being able to be used by users of all ages, from children and young people from 10 years old up to the elderly, their installation followed a set of technical criteria that allow to optimize the integrated development of the various physical qualities, seeking to respond in this way to different characteristics, needs and objectives of its users.

These routes are thus another quality option that will allow all users of the CDNJ to develop the practice of their physical activity in one of the most pleasant green spaces in the Lisbon region.

 Come and enjoy it and have fun with your family!

Outdoor Fitness Park - Mata Poente (National Stadium)
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Outdoor Fitness Parks - Parque Urbano do Jamor
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