Escola de Natação do Jamor


The Jamor Swimming School is based on a progressive teaching methodology, from adaptation to the aquatic environment, evolving to learning that promotes autonomy and safety in the aquatic environment and improvement of specific swimming techniques. 

At the same time, covering the various age groups and specific individual needs, activities such as swimming for babies, hydrogymnastics and the like and hydrotherapy are also promoted, in order to contribute to regular sports practice and improvement of their physical condition.


Activity that develops all aquatic skills, from adaptation to improvement and optimization of the four swimming techniques, preparing our students for the challenges of the aquatic environment.

From the age of 3, users are framed and progress according to their age and competence.


Admission: To enter Pure Swimming from the age of 6, you must take a swimming test that indicates which level you fit in, according to the skills acquired. If you have no experience in swimming, you must enroll directly in an AMA class, according to age.



Activity that enhances the child's development, through playful tasks, using specific methodologies and strategies that promote not only adaptation to the aquatic environment, but also motor, cognitive and social development. From 6 months, babies are placed in classes corresponding to their age.

The aquatic environment is a space of adventure and exploration, which confronts the child with the dilemma of trust in the face of the unknown. It is, therefore, a privileged context to experience new motor behaviors and stimulate the different senses, developing skills in different areas:




Group activities for adults (+14 years), using music, natural water resistance and auxiliary material, with the ability to stimulate physical and psychological well-being in a fun, effective and relaxing way.

Main benefits:




Activities that, using the physical properties of water (impulsion, pressure and resistance) and its benefits (facilitation of movement, relaxation and pain relief), aim to increase the functionality of the user with orthopedic, neurological, rheumatological and/or pathology cardiologic/respiratory and, consequently, improve their quality of life.


Admission: Enrollment in the Hydrotherapy modalities (except Pre-Party Exercise) implies a prior diagnostic evaluation with the responsible therapist. For this purpose, you should contact the secretariat or send an email to piscinas.jamor@ipdj.pt requesting the respective appointment.



In addition to the offer at the level of the Swimming School, Free Use is made possible, that is, swimming without technical assistance. This practice takes place in the Olympic Swimming Pool (or in the Jumping Pool at certain times or depending on the user's aptitude).

This activity is available to any adult who knows how to swim, however, it is necessary to perform a swimming test in advance in order to classify the user according to their swimming competence and, therefore, allow its use according to the space to use.

Access to Free Use requires registration in our Jamor Swimming Pool Complex. This modality is not subject to monthly fees, only card top-ups, depending on usage (i.e. each usage is deducted from the balance on the user's card).

Note: At this time there are no vacancies for the Free Use modality.



Sporting season: from 15th September to 31st July

Equipment necessary for the activity: Lycra swimsuit and cap suitable for the practice of water activities in the pool, slippers and slippers, bathrobe or towel (optional), glasses (optional).

Period of Operation of the Secretariat:

REGULAR HOURS (during the sporting season)

Favor the contact via email: piscinas.jamor@ipdj.pt 

You can also see below the Price List for the Jamor Swimming Pool Complex:

For more information, contact us at the email address piscinas.jamor@ipdj.pt 

You can also contact us at Tel: [+351] 21 054 03 12



The prior performance of a swimming test is a fundamental procedure for enrolling in the following modalities:

• Registration for Regular Free Use

• Enrollment in Pure Swimming classes for users over 6 years of age and experienced in swimming

In view of the high demand and limited enrollment possibilities, we would like to inform you that from now on the swimming tests will take place at the following time and require prior appointment (via telephone number 210 540 312):

• Business days, from 11:15 am to 1:00 pm and from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm



The registration renewal process or new registrations for the activities of the Swimming Pool Complex, either for the Jamor Swimming School (Swimming, Baby Swimming, Hydrogymnastics and Hydrotherapy), or for the Free Use modality can be consulted here