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The golf course, where the Centro Nacional de Formação de Golf (National Golf Training Center) is located, is state property and is integrated in the Centro Desportivo Nacional do Jamor (CDNJ) (Jamor National Sports Complex). This nine-hole course was inaugurated in early November 2013.

As a result of a transfer deed between the Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude, IP (IPDJ, IP) (Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth) and the Federação Portuguesa de Golfe (FPG) (Portuguese Golf Federation), the FPG is in charge of managing this infrastructure during 25 years.

The FPG's Centro Nacional de Formação de Golfe (National Golf Training Center) had already been fully functioning there as a training camp and driving range. With the inauguration of the nine-hole golf course, it is now possible to have more accessible use by the general public as well as allowing privileged access to the process of training of new athletes and high performance/national teams athletes, in the scope of the Centro Nacional de Formação de Golf .


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Centro Nacional de Formação de Golf
Federação Portuguesa de Golfe (Portuguese Golf Federation)

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