As part of the "Jamor para Todos / Jamor for All" project, launched as part of the celebrations of the 75th anniversary of the National Stadium, and in the perspective of community involvement and support, the Centro Desportivo Nacional do Jamor (CDNJ) created PAALCO Jamor, a project to support the activities carried out by the non-profit associations and clubs of the Municipality of Oeiras.

This project aims to support activities and outdoor events developed by local associations and clubs in the CDNJ area, which promote various actions, awareness and information among the population of all age groups, related to healthy habits and lifestyles.

This initiative promotes the creation of effective opportunities to publicize the work carried out by non-profit associations and clubs in the municipality of Oeiras, often deprived of access to open-air and more naturalized areas.

It is intended that the actions to be developed should be free of charge or have low costs for users, as well as be as diversified as possible, ensuring a variety of activities, in order to allow a greater choice of visitors to this space.

The applications will be based on projects of activities to be developed in the space of the CDNJ, being open all year.

The possibility of exceptional use of reserved sports facilities will be examined on a case-by-case basis.

Areas of activity:

1. Open physical and sporting activities.

2. Activities related to physical well-being (Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates, Other).

3. Activities related to stress management and contemplation (Meditation, Mindfulness, Others).

4. Music and Dance.

5. Theater and Performative Arts.

6. Plastic Arts and Photography.

7. Literature and Poetry.

8. Other socio-cultural activities.

Who can apply:

Associations and non-profit clubs that disseminate the objectives within the intervention areas of the current project and which are based in the municipality of Oeiras.

Who provides services:

The activities are carried out by the team consisting of the members of the association or club that presents the application, requiring that the elements that constitute the team have specific training in the areas to be developed, ensuring the proper development of the activities.


How to apply:

The delivery of the applications, describing the proposals of activities, can be delivered by hand in the CDNJ or by email, to the address reservas.jamor@ipdj.pt.

Applications must be submitted up to 30 days before the date of the activity.

Elements needed for the candidates:

1. Delivery of the Statutes of the applicant entity;

2. Completion of application form (one form per activity, where it is described, indicating the means and indicating the schedule of the activity);

3. Curriculum Vitae of the trainers who will develop each activity.

Application costs:

The application for the project has no costs.

Criteria for evaluating applications:

a) Activity for a greater number of age groups;

b) Free activity;

c) Diversity and novelty of the activity.

Grounds which may lead to the exclusion of applications:

a) The activity is not within the general objectives of the CDNJ/IPDJ;

b) Non-presentation of Curriculum Vitae of the trainers;

c) Non-presentation of the statutes.


The association or club can present the number of activities they choose.

In the event that the CDNJ does not have at its proposed date for the activity availability in terms of the means required for its realization, whether at the level of space or at logistic level, the CDNJ will try to agree with the association or club to choose of another space and / or date or time for the execution of the activity.