CAR-Jamor Residence


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The CAR-Jamor Residence is at the service of the interests and needs of those who search the highest levels of sports performance, providing the preparation required to achieve excellence results.

Considering the objectives outlined above, it is imperative that admission to the CAR-Jamor Residence, and its services and valences, comply with well-defined and rigorous criteria, related to the sporting performance of the candidate Athlete and also with criteria that, in order to provide better alternatives in post-career sports, value their academic and/or professional qualification. In this way, the funding to be given to the federations in this context will take into account the sports status of the candidate athlete and their academic achievement.

Upon application, practitioners may be placed under one of the following regimes:

The CAR-Jamor Residence places at the disposal of the supported practitioners, according to the respective regime, a set of valences and services, such as:

For more detailed information about the CAR-Jamor Residence, consult the respective Guidance Document.