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In addition to the athletics track at the National Stadium, the Centro Desportivo Nacional do Jamor (CDNJ) (Jamor National Sports Center) has another athletics track, located in the Athletics Trainin Center, surroundings of the Jamor's Urban Park.

This facility is essentially for High Performance /National Teams athletes, within the Athletics Training Center.

Indoor Performance Track

Outdoor Equipment

Support Units

Locker Rooms

Unit destined not only for the use of CAR-Jamor's athletes, but also for athletes of other sports that use the sports facilities located in the surroundings of Jamor's Urban Park: Football Pitches, Hockey Field, Climbing Wall, and so on.

This unit has:


Athletics Track n.º 2

Segunda a sexta - 08h00/22h00
Sábado - 08h00/19h00
Domingos e feriados - 09h00/19h00

Indoor Performance Track
From Monday to Saturday - 08h00/22h00

Saturday - 08h00/19h00
Sunday e feriados - 09h00/19h00