User Card

The Cartão de Utente (User Card) is a rechargeable card that facilitates the access to the sports facilities and services of the Centro Desportivo Nacional do Jamor (CDNJ) (Jamor National Sports Center).

In addition of serving as an identification tool and allowing access to sports facilities that have tourniquets, a vast variety of advantages are attached to the Cartão de Utente, which extends to all services and facilities of the CDNJ.

It is intended, based on the Cartão de Utente, to create a Jamor Community, with special privileges for its members.

You can get your CDNJ's Cartão de Utente at the Centro Desportivo Nacional do Jamor (CDNJ), near the National Stadium, or at the Complexo de Piscinas do Jamor (Jamor Swimming Pool Complex) secretariat.

The issuing fee of the Cartão de Utente is 5 Euros.

For registration and Cartão de Utente issuing purposes, the user must present the following documents:

The recharging of the Cartão de Utente can also be done at CDNJ's Secretariat, near the National Stadium or at  the Complexo de Piscinas do Jamor secretariat.

User Card - Registration form





Sports facilities renting discount:

Furthermore, with the exception of the activities carried out in Complexo de Piscinas do Jamor and the Shooting Range:


  1. The discounts referred above do not apply in cases where the use of sports facilities is not of a sporting nature, in case of commercial activities or in the case of specialized services (activities technically supported).

  2. In the reservation of sports facilities, the discounts associated with each Cartão de Utente may not be added to other discounts.

Sports Facilities Reservation: