#Beactive Jamor Office


The #Beactive Jamor office is aimed at everyone who wants to change or improve their lifestyle and start or diversify the practice of physical activity through the use of all activities, services and spaces available at CDNJ.

In addition to informing you about the various activities available at the CDNJ, the office carries out physical assessments and directs you to the activity/s most suitable for each person.

Translated into direct and personalized physical assessment support, advice on various activities and goal control, this service is aimed at all those who wish to change or improve their lifestyle, making known all the diversity of services and activities that the CDNJ makes available.

Counseling on active lifestyles through the various activities that the CDNJ provides, anamnesis and body composition aimed at all users of the CDNJ regardless of their level of physical capacity, are the parameters that will be applied by the office and that vary according to each person.

The #Beactive Jamor office will be in operation next to the changing rooms of the Athletics CAR building and will be open from Monday to Friday.

To schedule simply send email to: gabinetebeactive.jamor@ipdj.pt