Multisport Fields


The two Multisport Fields of the Centro Desportivo Nacional do Jamor (CDNJ) are intended for the practice of Basketball and Volleyball, and are free-to-use facilities, except in the case of reservations for exclusive use.

In such cases, a reservation request must be made at least 48 working hours in advance (e-mail reservas.jamor@ipdj.pt), and it will be necessary to pay a usage fee of € 10.00 per hour, per field.

Reservations will be validated after confirmation of receipt of proof of payment sent to reservas.jamor@ipdj.pt.

The two Multisport Fields  are close to the CDNJ's Shooting Range.

Any user can benefit from these sports facilities, when properly used for the purpose of the sports for which they are intended.

The operating rules for the CDNJ Multisport Fields are as follows:

Hours of use between 8 am and 8 pm, from Monday to Sunday (in summer time); and between 8 am and 6 pm from Monday to Sunday (in winter time);

The practice of modalities or activities that condition the specific practice of the modalities foreseen for Multisport Fields, Basketball and Volleyball, is prohibited;

Volleyball practice will have to be requested at least 48 working hours in advance, by the e-mail reservas.jamor@ipdj.pt for the assembly of the specific materials of the sport (poles and net);

• Use of the courts up to a maximum of 10 athletes per Basketball game, and 12 athletes per Volleyball game;

A period of 90 minutes, from admission to abandonment is allowed. After this period, other users should be allowed to benefit from the sports facilities.

• It is strictly forbidden to smoke, consume alcoholic beverages, own, recommend or commercialize doping substances;

• The entry and stay of animals is strictly prohibited;

• Any user must ensure the cleanliness of the space he uses, pouring the garbage into the respective bins, ensuring that the entire sports venue is clean and pleasant.