XCO / Enduro Tracks


The Mountain Bike – XCO – Olympic Cross Country Track is a facility intended for the practice of this Olympic sport, which provides suitable routes for the practice of this activity, with safety and recommended features for the conduction of official competition events, according to the activity general regulations published by UVP/Portuguese Cycling Federation and by UCI (Union Cyclist International), the supreme body that manages and regulates world cycling in all its aspects and regulations.

The layout includes 3 tracks with different degrees of difficulty:

BLACK TRACK: (very difficult route)

RED TRACK: (Difficult route)

BLUE TRACK: (moderate difficulty route)

Map of the International XCO Track

The facility also includes several Endurance routes, also duly identified and with appropriate signs, that intend to regulate and create proper conditions for the safe practice of this activity.

Map of the Enduro Track

The use of the XCO / Endurance tracks is free.

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