Novo Microsite do programa Jamor para Todos

Novo Microsite do programa Jamor para Todos

Jamor para Todos is the platform that will help you maintain a more active lifestyle and start or diversify the practice of physical activity, helping you to have a more active and healthy lifestyle safely.

Here you can find several videos with your favorite sports for the whole family.

There are dozens of videos to choose from that you can make in the comfort of your home or, if you prefer, on the street with your friends/family.

If you choose to do an outdoor workout using a Jamor installation or equipment, simply pass your cell phone through the QRCODE next to the equipment and you will have access to a video with a Teacher explaining how you should use it and what exercises you can do.

You will have classes taught by qualified teachers accompanied by exercises that will help you train, all just a click away.