In the year in which the National Stadium celebrated its 75 years of existence, several important interventions were planned for the Centro Desportivo Nacional do Jamor (CDNJ), with a view to improving the conditions of this sports complex.

Alongside interventions that have already been announced, such as the passage of the EVA - Green and Blue Axis through the Jamor space or the renewal of the number 1 athletics track at the National Stadium, there are several other interventions, some already completed, others planned and others still in progress, which should be made known.

The aim of these interventions is to optimize existing resources in order to create for our users the best conditions for sports, whether for those who visit us for competitive sport or for those who are looking for leisure sport.

Interventions regarding sports facilities

  • Jamor Swimming Pool Complex

At the level of the Jamor Swimming Pool Complex, the year 2019 was marked by some preventive and corrective maintenance interventions, of which the following stand out:

  1. Requalification of the access zone to the dressing rooms, making this space aesthetically and functionally more attractive.

  2. Requalification of the electric system of the 25m swimming pool mobile platform, within the scope of a plan of requalification of the platform, which guarantees the desired depth for the various activities (it varies between 0 and 5m deep).

  3. Requalification of the 25m swimming pool at the level of the lining and waterproofing.

  4. Treatment and waterproofing of the horizontal cover in the west zone and anti-corrosion treatment of the spatial structure of the pool cover of the swimming pool complex. The horizontal coverage covers a considerable area and had some infiltrations that affected the building. On the other hand, the main entrance area has a metallic spatial structure cover that already had advanced signs of deterioration, which needed to be recovered.

  5. Requalification of the east and west walls of the pier of the swimming pool complex. The walls in question, as well as the south wall, are covered by a specific compound, which gives the space an acoustic as well as heat treatment. In 2018 the south wall was reclassified, and in 2019 the side walls were reclassified, which also showed signs of deterioration.

    These interventions not only improved the hygiene conditions of the quay, but also improved the image and the thermal and acoustic behavior of the quay, also causing improvements in light reflection, which is relevant in this space.

  6. Replacement of a chiller for more effective and efficient air dehumidification operation in this building.

  7. Requalification of the swimming pool complex Bar, in order to provide better aesthetic conditions and comfort to the space in question.

  • Jamor Interpretive Center

The Jamor Interpretive Center was installed in the lobby of the Swimming Pool Complex, a project conceived in the context of the celebrations of the Jamor’s 75th anniversary and which aims to enhance and disseminate the historical and cultural heritage of the entire space and structure, providing an integrated view of the entire Jamor Valley.

  • Nautical Activities Track

The track has been completely cleaned up, taking into account the natural deposition of sediments and rocks that are improperly thrown onto the track.

In the continuation of the recovery of the operating system of the Nautical Activities Track, a contract was carried out with a view to the mechanical requalification of the technical center of this installation. This work focused mainly on the pumps and the water treatment, not only for the sake of safety in the operation of the plant, but also to ensure better water quality.

  • Conversion of hockey pitch lighting to leds and illumination of the football synthetic pitch (pitch No 5)

Synthetic pitches have a much higher responsiveness than natural grass ones, which is due to their greater resistance to use. Converting the illumination of these fields with led technology will reduce the hockey pitch operating costs and increase responsiveness in both, and their combined energy consumption will be equivalent to that of the current hockey pitch lighting system, adding a much longer service life.

Work is also underway to give artificial illumination to the synthetic football pitch (pitch No 5), a long-identified need. This intervention will make it possible to extend the opening hours of that facility by about 5 more hours a day during the winter period.

Interventions made or ongoing regarding open spaces

  • Recovery of the Avenida Pierre de Coubertin

This intervention, currently underway, aims to restore and level existing pavements, due to their poor condition, transforming them into safe routes and providing the space with an accessible path for specific circulation and bicycles, much sought after in this sporting space.

Regarding vegetation and, considering the maintenance of this green axis of the CDNJ as fundamental, the option was to keep as many tree specimens as possible in a total of 111 existing trees.

Considering that most of the existing trees are European nettle trees (Celtis australis), planted 75 years ago, and that are somewhat debilitated, but still have a green aerial part, it was decided to cut only 10 specimens, which were with dry parts, trunks with open wounds or dry legs, representing some risk of falling and jeopardizing the safety of users. Replanting of specimens of the same species was performed, replacing those that were slaughtered, and the tree sites in the meantime covered were rebuilt and the trees were replanted at these sites.

  • Creation of two open multisports pitches in the nascent forest

This proposed intervention will make it possible to regain sporting skills with great demand in the sporting framework for all and which for many years have been suspended in the CDNJ. The pitches concerned, which are close to the shooting range, were deactivated a few years ago.

This intervention will provide these pitches with conditions for basketball and volleyball. Their reconversion will increase the offer of spaces and sporting facilities available to CDNJ users, within the framework of open spaces for the Jamor for All Project.

All of these interventions confirm our strong motivation to continue to celebrate the existence of this space of emotions and to ensure that many generations continue to meet in a harmonious and appropriate way to their needs.