The LYNXRACE Oeiras 2019, the most exciting sports adventure of the year, will be presented to the public on Saturday, April 13th, at the Centro Desportivo Nacional do Jamor (CDNJ), between 11 AM and 2 PM. The presentation is divided in two parts: training with obstacles and press conference. Both times happen on the lawn in front of the climbing wall of Jamor.


On the day of the presentation, April 13th, between 9 AM and 11 AM, a small group of 70 athletes will have the privilege of experiencing an exclusive training with OCR obstacles. This group has a limit of subscriptions and is closed. The training will be given by Samuel Castela and Filipa Castela (two of the best national athletes of the sport).

From 11 AM onwards, anyone can experience these same obstacles that are on-site, freely, and with instructor's accompaniment.


At 12 noon, the press conference will be held with the presence of athletes who practice the modality and representatives of all the companies and institutions that support this sporting event.

TVI, as media partner, will be present and guarantees the release of this event that will be the launching pad for the most anticipated Obstacle Course of the year.

 The press conference will be moderated by Mónica Sofia and will have speakers Miguel Fernandes, TVI journalist and sports ambassador of LYNXRACE, Dr. Isaltino Morais, President of Municipality of Oeiras and also Dr. Vitor Pataco, President of IPDJ, IP.


An Obstacle Course is a sports activity that combines the athletes' race, strength, balance, resilience and courage. During a variable course of test, athletes are invited to overcome natural obstacles or built for the event (barriers, weights, balances, barriers, inclined paths, with water, etc.).


The LYNXRACE organization invites you to come to Jamor from 11 AM, test the obstacles and have fun. The invitation is for those who already know the modality but, mainly, for those who do not know yet.


The LYNXRACE (Lynx Race) will be broadcast live on TVI24 between 9 AM and 12 noon on June 2nd. It will be the first time in Portugal that a Hurdle Race will be broadcast live. A vast team of professionals will show you every detail of the most emotional and exciting sporting event of the year.


LYNXRACE can be made in a competitive or leisure environment.

In competitive mode (ELITE and COMPETITIVE), there are rigid rules, obstacles must all be executed correctly or else a penalty must be met.

In the leisure mode (OPEN) there are no rules and obstacles can be overcome with help and in group and there is no obligation to be made.

Athletes between the ages of 16 and 18 must be authorized by the parents. Under the age of 16, the authorization is maintained and the organization advises that the course be done with an adult to accompany.

There is also a KIDS test (with free registration) for children, in a course that combines arborism and obstacles.

All information is available on the race website: www.lynxrace.com 

The CM of Oeiras is the main partner of LYNXRACE (Lynx Race). This event has the support of CDNJ, IPDJ, AIMMP, CARMO WOOD, MULTIUP, PROZIS, FCMP.