The rugby field of the Centro Desportivo Nacional do Jamor (CDNJ) is about to become the most hilarious patio in Lisbon. Bruno Nogueira, Salvador Martinha, Beatriz likes and Rita Blanco are part of the program.

Between July 23 and 26, Bruno Nogueira and Miguel Esteves Cardoso, Salvador Martinha and Luana do Bem, Beatriz Gosta and Rita Blanco, Eduardo Madeira, Carlos Coutinho Vilhena, Guilherme Geirinhas, Diogo Batáguas and Pipoca Mais Doce guarantee the fun, the good mood, laughter and humor, in stand-up comedy shows, in the rugby field of the CDNJ.

In addition to the areas where the stage and the audience are located, there will also be a leisure and social area and a street food space. Tickets, with prices varying between 14 € and 20 €, are sold in pairs and are already available on Ticketline and on the 3cket platform.

To consult the complete program and keep up to date on any news, just access the Re-creio website here.